Helene Lysekilde er yogalærere, hypnoterapeut og NLP coach.

About Helene

Helene (owner)

Helene loves traveling and also lived in several countries – including the US for three years. Helene loves meeting new people from around the world – and look forward to hosting you at “The Lotus BB & Spa – Indre ro yoga” in Odense.

Helene was born in 1976. She is a certified yoga teacher by the International Yoga Alliance and did her hatha yoga certification at Yoga Vidya-AyurYoga Ashram in India. Helene sees being a yoga teacher as an ongoing learning process and keeps exploring ways to improve her teaching. Recently, she took a one month silent retreat, and also finished several yoga teacher modules at Ananda Mandala in Sweden.

Helene is also a reiki-healer. Finally, Helene is a trained hypnotherapist and NLP coach. As a therapist, Helene committed to the ethical guidelines of The School of Hypnosis and the Association of Danish Psychotherapists. Helene also has an MA in medical anthropology and have worked with health and social programs for many years.


Helene’s approach to yoga

Helene is passionate about classical Indian hatha yoga. Helene integrates breathing practice (pranayama), mindfulness, and relaxation, including yoga nidra (a classical yoga meditation from the tantric tradition in her teaching). Helene often focuses on chakras and includes small chakra meditations.

During her classes Helene will remind you to be present in the moment and teach you how to focus on your breath. Being a yoga teacher is very rewarding for Helene and she loves seeing how her students develop new body awareness, posture and confidence through yoga or just have the opportunity to slow down and experience their own breath. More information – see what is yoga


Helene’s approach to hypnosis and NLP coaching

Hypnosis combined with NLP coaching is a very powerful method to personal change.
Time after time Helene is surprised about the incredible progress a client will made during a session. Her approach as a therapist is that you and your subconscious mind are in charge of the process. This means that Helene will meet you as a guide, with a humbleness and trust that you (and your subconscious mind) know where you are going.

You already have all the answers and the necessary skills to make your change. They are only brought forward through the hypnosis. And you will make your change in the time that is right for you.

Helene Lysekilde brænder for klassisk indisk hatha yoga.