Lotus BB & Spa – Indre Ro Yoga in Odense offers the following facilities:

The OM-House

The OM-house with skylight sets a frame that allows you to immerse yourself in yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

The Lotus Garden Spa

The Lotus Garden Spa is designed with wellbeing and relaxation in mind. In the Lotus garden you can sink into the lovely outdoor spa or enjoy the Finnish Sauna House. When the weather permits, you are welcome to use one of the sun beds or to take a cold shower under the open sky.

You are in the center of Odense city, in one of the oldest neighborhoods in town, and still you are surrounded by an oasss of wellness – awaiting — just to relax you.

The Lotus Bed and Breakfast

The Lotus Bed and Breakfast Room is cozy and romantic – with room for two (queen size bed). Here you will find and old fashioned vanity, a small table where you may enjoy your meals. You will find complementary coffee and tea in the room, and access to refrigerator. The room gives you direct access to the bathroom with shower. The bathroom is ONLY shared with the Aum-house and Hypnosis Clinic, which means that you have it to yourself most of the time. As a guest in the Lotus bed and breakfast room, we welcome you to our private yoga classes and/or to access the spa and sauna to a special bed and breakfast guest prize. You are also welcome to book a hypnosis session.

The Hypnosis Clinic

The Hypnoses Clinic is crafted for your comfort. Here you will find a table for the conversation and a bed and a comfortable arm chair. This is so you can choose whether to lie down or sit during the hypnosis treatment. The Hypnoses Clinic is a clinic offering self-development through hypnoses and NLP coaching.

Lotus bed and Breakfast (B&B) ligger centralt i Odense. Her kan du overnatte i vores hyggelige bed and Breakfast (B&B) værelse. Som gæst hos os kan du besøge vores skønne udespa og vores sauna. Du kan få eneundervisning i yoga og du kan booke en hypnosesession. I vores bed and Breakfast (B&B) kan du trække stikket ud og slappe af og opnå mere ro. Vi bor centralt i Odense tæt på det hele og alligevel i vores egen skønne verden