Jale neti Nose cleaning

Nose cleaning/ ”jala neti”

Breathe better – learn how to do ”jala neti” 

Clearing your nasal passage (jala neti) has a number of benefits physically as well as mentally. Jala neti supports the natural moisture of the nasal cavity and relaxes the area surrounding the eyes and the forehead. It relieves the respiratory tract and prevents airborn illnesses. It can also relieve tension headache and is calming and de-stressing. Nose cleansing is very beneficial before yoga, especially since you do breathing practices (pranayama).

You can book a private jala neti instruction together with our other services such as” Yoga for one,” ”Yoga for two,” ”just for one,” and “just for two! During the instruction you will learn how to mix water and salt and how to clean your nose with your neti pot. Instruction takes 15 minutes.

Prices jala neti & netipot:

Instruction and a “starter kit” with salt and your own neti-pot, in combinations with other of our services:

Instruction and a “starter kit” with salt and your own neti-pot with no other of our services:

Neti-pot with no instruction:

See the danish site for price info (Yoga jala neti in Odense)


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