Hypnoterapi & NLP Coaching

Hypnotherapy means using hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. NLP (neuro linguistic programming) coaching is a kind of coaching, where you focus more on your wishes and desires than on your problem. The combination of hypnoses and NLP coaching is particularly efficient. Hypnoses and NLP coaching can be used to accomplish personal changes, change habits, remove and relief unpleasant feelings, traumas and phobias, relief pain, work with low self-esteem, and insecurities, etc.

A typical session starts with a conversation, where we explore your problem and more importantly what you wish to achieve (NLP coaching). We can work through NLP coaching only or through both NLP coaching and hypnoses. In hypnosis you will be guided into a state of trance (the state between being awake and sleeping). In this state we will work with your subconscious mind through hypnosis to achieve your goals. You choose whether to lie down or sit during the hypnosis.

A session may look a bit different depending on your problem and wishes, weather you are coming for many sessions, or just come for a few sessions. A session last about 90 minutes plus or minus 15 minutes.


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Helene Lysekilde
Helene Lysekilde

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a gentle and very efficient method to achieve personal change and growth.
What makes hypnosis this efficient is that we work with the subconscious mind (the storage place for your automatic responses, memories, emotions and personality patterns) in a gentle way.

This is done in a state of trance (this is the state between being awake and sleeping).
Hypnosis can contribute to our physical and mental wellbeing and allow us to accomplish changes, large and small.