Yoga is about uniting body, mind and spirit. Yoga gives you more balance and added strength, calms your mind while relieving tension, both physical and mental. Meditation is about inward focus. We work with yoga poses, breath, and deep relaxation and calmness.

Private yoga for one

Yoga for one

Yoga for one is an offer of a private yoga session. We will prepare the lesson especially to you, your level and your wishes.



Private spa and yoga event in Odense denmark

Private event

A private event is a fun, different and an intimate experience, where you and your wellbeing are the focus. A private event will be crafted according to your needs and wishes with your group.


Yoga for two

Yoga for two is a private yoga lesson for two of you. The class is designed especially for the two of you and will both focus on challenging you and relaxing you.



Just for you or two

“Just for you”  or “Just for two”  is for you and whomever you want to pamper yourself with. It includes a private, lesson in yoga or meditation and access to the Lotus Garden Spa.

Jale neti Nose cleaning

Nose cleaning

Clearing your nasal passage (jala neti) has a number of benefits physically as well as mentally. Jala neti supports the natural moisture of the nasal cavity and relaxes the area surrounding the eyes and the forehead.